Bleach Wallpapers!!!

Here are some of my Bleach wallpapers …. of excellent resolution and quality ….

Free to download… just click on the pics to get the enlarged view….then Right Click and Save Image As…

Leave comments if you like my choices …. so that i can upload more…

Thanks 🙂

Total Number of Wallpapers since last update


Like My wallpapers??? Tell Me …. Id Appreciate it… 🙂

Wanna watch all the episodes of Bleach online?


30 Responses

  1. coool shit manan…

  2. @vinay
    heh heh ….. thanks man

  3. gr8 pics…

  4. Woohoooo sweet!!!
    post some more man, great collection!

  5. ya man i will… keep checkin out my blog after every couple of days… 🙂

  6. fckin awesome wallpapers dude…keep it up…

  7. @quicksilver

    Thanks a lot man

  8. I liked some pics + they are all hi-res, so, nice.

  9. really cool pix man……keep more posted 😀

  10. @raza
    Thanks man….

  11. Cool shit man!! Damn cool Wallpapers/.. The best that i have ever come across

  12. @scorpion

    Thanks a lot dude…. 🙂

  13. cool man gr8 collection..
    keep uploadin….ya gr8.. 🙂

  14. Awesome pics dude ^_^

  15. […] Check out My Bleach Wallpapers…. BLEACH WAllPAPERS […]

  16. OMG…THE BEST EVER!!! GJ!!!

  17. Thanks guys

  18. Freaking nice dude!!!!!!!

  19. ya way to go dude

  20. hey, these are excellent pictures. Is there any way i could download them all at one time? plz and thank you 🙂

  21. oh and again in case i forget about the pictures, can u email me on and again thx

  22. lol , kon is so damn crazy lmao

    good stuff where did you find all of them iv been looking for a couple and your like the only place i could find them nice work man.


  23. its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks a lot man !

  24. @UltimaLOKI

    man i had been searching the entire web for bleach and naruto wallpapers…. spent a month …. the collection i have now is wat i thought to be the best … i simply picked up the good ones from the various sites out there… so that ppl dont have to go browsing all the time to find the best wallpapers…

  25. @xash

    Thanks man…..
    and thanks to all the guys who appreciate wat im doing
    ur comments bolster me to add more stuff to this blog…
    thanks again

  26. thanx bro

  27. Sweet Wallpapers however i didn’t see any of Shuhei Hisagi which i think is one of the more bad ass characters, and also http://WWW.VIDEOBLEACH.BLOGSPOT.COM
    is the absolute best site for streaming bleach videos!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the videos are listed very well and there pretty high quality even tells you what Arc there in its the best i’ve ever seen.

  28. hola

  29. Yo………. cool pics man……….. Thx man……… Add some pics………

  30. Best wallpapers EVER ;O

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