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  1. i don’t know how people are always ‘making’ wallpapers, but i keep seeing the same shit, over and over.. like a picture of naruto in some pose, but always with a different background behind him. what the hell? it’s not too often i stumble across some cool, original pictures. i’ve saved a ton of these, for future desktops. ha thanks a lot, fuckin tight. can you make any sasori or more rock lee ones? obviously they’re the best characters.. that’d be awesome.

  2. well thank you man… i really appreciate ur comment … but the sad part is i dont make wallpapers… i simply spend my entire time collecting them from the net … atleast i try to collect the best ones…. from all the best sites i can come across… but point noted … now i will be on the constant lookout for more sasori and rock lee wallpapers and will post as an update on the site…. gimme a few days …. and keep checking out …

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