The Game Ends – A Music Score made by me

Hey check out this self composition of mine, remember i made it keeping in mind the scenario when a FPS game ends , what its music would be like , how it would sound, when u gotta fight the big boss at the end of every game , tried to make it as adrenaline pumping as possible . Leave comments please 🙂

And Ya….. PLAY IT LOUD!!!!

Naruto OST

I said Im Naruto

Afternoon in Konohoa

The raising fighting spirit


Bad Situation

Strong and Strike

Naruto Main Theme

Download the collection here.

Music Downloads…. Full albums… and my best collections!!!!

Hey people…Check out my Music collection of full length albums and various other MiXed collections…here…

Apollo 440
Limp Bizkit – Chocolate Starfish
MiX Collection
Naruto OST

Ill be constamtly uploading more and more music shifting my variations from rock to rap to techno…. all the mixed songs will be hosted in the Mix Collection

New albums will be uploaded as i get my hands on them…